Sunday, July 8, 2007

At Mass today, during the collection, Elizabeth and John each take a dollar up to Fr. Matthew for the childrens collection. At the end of Mass, Fr. Matthew said that the Bishop in our diocese has authorized a second collection for the 110 familys in our diocese that were in need of help due to the terrible floods we have been having from the seemingly endless rain. As the collection basket came by again and I didn't have anything else in my pockets to offer since I already put my envelope in the first offering. I passed the basket to the next person and Elizabeth looked at me with big eyes, I could tell she was thinking, "Why didn't we give anything to help them?" I wispered to her, "I don't have any more money with me." She looked a little sad. A couple minutes later as the collection basket was almost to the last row. (We sit in the very first row almost always.) She poked me and showed me about 35 cents she found in her pocket... I smiled at her and told her to go put it in the collection basket. She looked back to the rear of the church and looked back at me. I told her to just run back there and catch up to the usher who was almost finished with the last row. She said ok and ran to the back of the church, put her change in the basket, then ran back to me with a big silly grin on her face that she usually has.

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